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SPC Hybrid | Luxury Vinyl Plank | 1800x230x7.5mm | Sample Plank - Global Builders Warehouse

SPC Hybrid | Luxury Vinyl Plank | 1800x230x7.5mm | Sample Plank

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SPC Hybrid - The next generation in flooring technology 
The abbreviation ‘SPC’ stands for stone plastic composite. It is engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create a remarkably tough core. SPC-flooring is an upgrade of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), it's the new generation of floor covering, it's the same as laminate flooring, a floating system & using click & lock joint, can be easily installed on different type of floor base, you can put it on either concrete or ceramic or existing flooring etc.

Product details and highlight:
Our SPC Luxury wood grain series comes in a range of colour options and is made to the highest of standards for both domestic and commercial use. The 7.5mm core is suitable for domestic applications and is backed by a 20 year warranty. When installed correctly the surface is 100% waterproof and our exclusive underlay technology ensures the floor remains a comfortable temperate no matter the season.

Packaging Details
1800 x 230 x 7.5mm core
Sold in box of 5pcs / 2.07sqm  


  • Wear Layer – The wear layer is the first coating on top of the floor that is usually clear. That adds scratch and stain resistance to the plank.
  • SPC HYBRID Core – The SPC HYBRID core is produced by consolidating limestone particles and stabilizers to create a dimensionally stable and waterproof center.
  • Connected Underlayment – SPC HYBRIDs come with added underlay. Our exclusive underlay has been specially developed to help with sound deadening and temperature modulation as well adding softness to the floor.
  • Waterproof: This is one of the significant factors in choosing SPC flooring. It is 100% waterproof, which means it can be installed in most wet areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, and restaurants without a problem!
  • Stability in Temperature Variations: With the stone construction, an SPC HYBRID core is more stable in conditions with temperature variances, such as offices, homes with AC units and homes with humidity variations.
  • Appearance – SPC HYBRID flooring can have a variety of looks, textures, and styles. In many instances it is difficult to notice the difference between SPC and natural timer floors.
  • DIY Installation – SPC HYBRID flooring is a click-lock installation method. It is installed similarly to laminate with a tongue and groove installation. We offer a full range of installation services by professionally qualified personnel at very competitive rates. 
  • Underfoot feel – The SPC HYBRID is going to feel added sturdy and cushioned underfoot than a traditional vinyl due to the dense core and density of the plank. A solid plank will give you more comfort. Some of the SPC will have attached underlay that supplements the softness underfoot. If it does not have attached underlayment, you can opt for an LVT specific underlayment to install over the subfloor.
  • Noise Ambient: With the solid core, this plank tends to have a quieter sound. You will unlikely to hear the click-clack sounds.
  • Affordability: SPC HYBRID plank flooring is very budget friendly. Depending on the brand and features, you can find SPC HYBRID in a variety of price ranges. Features like attached underlayment, texture and edges can increase the floor price.
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: An SPC HYBRID will have the same cleaning method just like normal laminate or vinyl sheets. These planks are intended to be easily cleaned with general light sweep and damped mop.
Note: Order quantity is based on square metres and will be rounded to match up with package quantity.